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Website Designing

Our web designers specialize in Static, Dynamic, 3D, Graphic Design, Flash, Walk out Videos, Video Presentation Sites, TV sites and more. Over the years we have really come of age in Website Designing and our portfolio speaks volumes about the number of projects we have undertaken so far. By no means we can be termed as starters or beginners in this field. With abundant experience in this line, we have come to dominate the website design arena like no one else. Our name is synonymous to quality and standard. We have redefined the way the entire structure and process of designing website that are very professional, enticing and stunning and have left an indelible mark on the viewers and users alike. Given the scope of this industry, there is so much that is waiting to be tapped. We have made considerable progress by harnessing and reaping benefits that website design to offer. Our designers excel in their respective fields and now possess a phenomenal flair and prowess for website design and have proved their mettle by designing some of the most fabulous websites for our clients all across the globe.

Website Development

The purpose of forming a web page can be professional or personal. Web development today is very convenient for the advanced technology in use. Increasing websites and web usage in the modern world indicate the benefits of software engineering towards web development. Web provides ample space to the user to work on and provides an option to the users for having a website. Development generally falls in the programming category, which includes all scripting languages such as; php, asp, html, ajax, javascript and actionscript. Our team is proficient in all of these codings and has produced some marvelous results over the years. Their dedication and commitment has proved to be very effective in bringing us where we are today. Web Development isn’t a child’s play. It calls for specialized knowledge and expertise which goes with saying that our team possesses and they bring their skills and talent into play the moment they are assigned a task. In spite of our cutting edge expertise we have never let ourselves become complacent and we don’t underestimate or undermine any project that is offered to us. We stick to this policy every time we set off working for a project and this enables us to remain focused and attentive while we are on the job.

Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing is crucial to business owners to obtain growth within their industry. As the world turns to Internet and mobile devices, it is necessary to have the ability to process payments with your business using credit cards. Our rates are extremely low beating most of the competition because our processors are direct to you from the credit card companies. We have eliminated all of the middlemen. Charges come through and deposit in your bank in an efficient manor without all the extra fees. As a result your bottom line grows.

Of course the first process to setting up a merchant account, is making sure to have your business registered with the state and you have a business bank account. Once this process is complete we can now initiate your merchant account, which allows you to process credit cards with your business. Having this ability creates an infinite amount of opportunities with your business. We can help you navigate those possibilities to see which options are best you're your company.

Graphic/Multimedia Design

There are many specialties within the field of graphic design, including print design (design meant for printed media such as magazines and newspapers), billboard design, website design, electronic ad design (Internet ads), logo and branding design, and more. There are many jacks of all trades in graphic design, of course, but each of the specialties and media used in design are very different from one another. Website design, for instance, has many elements that are very different from billboard design – core elements like what the design is meant for, how it works, and how “artistic” it is. Most websites are not “artistic” in that they aren't heavy with art—it's usually subtle. Billboards, on the other hand, are “3 second” designs meant to convey a message in about three seconds' time. It is important to convey the message in an attractive manner so as to draw the attention of the viewer or user that moment he views our particular design and remains hooked and gribbed until they have gone through the entire website.

Business Consulting

A consultant also has an advantage of being an outsider, thus seeing things in a completely different light, which might not be possible for the owner or even the top management as a result of being too involved in the business. This different perspective may help a consultant to come up with unique solutions to old problems or even devise a completely different chart for growth. Business consultants usually bring formal frameworks or methodologies to identify problems or suggest more effective ways of performing business tasks. Business consulting includes management consulting as well as science and technology consulting. Consulting has ample advantages. It enables business units to gather a lot of information on the latest trends and developments taking place in the outside world and which assists them in designing their core strategies and policies. However, one has to exercise caution and care while seeking consultation for their business firms as there are very few genuine and bona fide consulting agencies which work in a professional and polished manner. There are diverse ideas and suggestions that one can get from business consulting which are aimed at expansion and growth of one’s business. To sum it up, business consulting is an extremely important tool through which one can give different diverse dimensions to his/her business.

Video Presentations

Video Presentations today have come to form an indispensible part of video marketing. Many business firms now insist to have video presentations included in their websites. The reason is pretty simple. It is because of the growing popularity and unmatched quality of video presentation. It allows them to convey messages, information, data, and statistics in a much more subtle and interactive manner which other means are devoid of. Through Video presentations, it becomes easier to target a larger section of audiences and impact too is on a large population in an instant. The way you design your video presentation can make or break your business. It becomes very crucial to exercise precision and exactness since a marginal mistake can ruin their entire presentation and this may have a cascading adverse effect on the reputation and credibility of the firm. But having said that, one can underestimate or deny the diverse benefits video presentation comes with. It is a much faster and convenient way of publicizing and promoting the products and services offered by a business institution. It can be of immense help in streamlining the operations of a business unit giving it the boost and fillip it requires to stay afloat in the market.

3D Animation & Walkthru

We are Well-known service providers of 3D interactive animation designing. We specialize in modifying thoughts into animations. Our skill and expertise in devising customized animations made us one of the leading service providers dealing in all types of Graphical Animation programs like Web / Graphic Designing, 3D Architect, 3D Modeling Walk Through and Similar other projects. 3D animation is the way to the future. Today more and more websites are incorporating 3D animated customized videos so as to surge ahead of the masses in terms of popularity rating and generate revenues for their clients in that process. The graphics are of excellent quality and has the potential to draw the attention of viewers and users onto that particular website and hook and grip them with their unmatched animation and 3D designs. With our sublime and state-of-the-art animation and walkthrough skills, we have taken the entire 3D animation to a whole new level where we have been setting the trends and benchmarks in the industry and setting examples for others to follow. We assure you that our 3D animation projects are by far the best in the world and have given our clients ample reasons to cheer. By and large, the resources that have been put to use here have borne results for us and our clients alike, making us the most sought after website designer in the country.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimizations are one of our strongest fields. We have had over 11 years experience in Organic Search Engine Marketing and have mastered the field. There are many factor playing rolls in SEO, that you may not know about, or even care for that matter, but it is very crucial to the appearance of your website to potential customers on the internet. Organic Search is one of the most powerful forms of advertising, because of the directness, which leads to extremely warm lead clientele. Backlinks, reciprocal links, directory listings, Meta tags and content building are just some of the components of SEO that correctly produce the results customers are looking for. If you feel that your site needs more traffic from customers who are looking for your product, Organic Search Engine Advertising is the way to go. It is one of those activities that is meant to give many-fold advantages to our customer since more number of people viewing the websites is equivalent to more number of potential buyers and customers and more number of potential buyers means a tremendous increase in the revenue. Organic Search Engine Advertising is the way to the future. If you wish your business to establish a strong profile in the markets and diverse geographies then SEO is just the thing for you. It facilitates the flow of traffic on one’s websites and makes the website appear on the coveted top positions on various elite search engines such as Google thereby making it more likely for the viewer or the user to visit that website.

Domain Name

Domain Name refers to the name of the website. Registering a domain name for the website is the first and foremost step towards building the website. The domain name brings the website to life. It is the domain name that provides identification to a website. It is important that the domain name should be easy and simple so that it is easier for the user to remember it. At the same time, it should reflect some information about the website. It should gel with the domain areas of the business so that the viewers or the user gets a slight idea about the firm or the business organization through the domain name of its website. It is unique and distinct. Setting up a domain name for a website is the initial step in the creation of the website. Domain names are quickly getting used up. There is a shortage especially when everyone wants a domain name that goes with the domain area of his/her business. However, even though if one is unable to find his/her required or preferred domain name, we can help them get a suitable and apt alternative domain name.

Hosting Space

It can be very confusing to know where to start when you are looking for someone to host your website, because there are so many different companies to choose from. It is like being on vacation and trying to choose just the right local restaurant – unless you know a little about the culture of the city, you are lost. However, with web hosting, if you know a little of the basics, then you should not have a problem choosing a reputable web hosting provider.

One of the first issues you will need to assess about your prospective web hosting providers and the amount of server uptime they guarantee. Most reputable hosting companies strive for at least 99% uptime. If the servers of hosting company you choose are consistently down, then you will lose visitors and traffic and of course income. Most good hosting companies have scores of satisfied customers, so be sure to check customer reviews and feedback. You should find these both on the website and by searching the internet.

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